At the age of 5 Kasey Burton dressed up as Kenny Chesney’s “Big Star” for Halloween.  Even at such a young age her mind was set upon making music her career. Kasey began writing “songs” as soon as she had learned how to write.  By the age of 8, Kasey was taking her dad's voice recorder- that he used for business- and used it to record her own songs. At 10 yrs. Old, Kasey got her first guitar.  Kasey’s father gave her incentive to learn by telling her he would take her and the family to Disney World if she ever learned how to play it. Kasey took this to heart, and a year later they headed off to Orlando!


At age 11 Kasey was really into writing and

she recorded her first song in a small studio in her hometown.  It was then that she really started to understand song structure and had a deep desire to get better at it.

Kasey attended a music camp in Illinois when she was 13 and it was at this camp that she honed her performance skills.  She attended the camp again at age 14 and by then end of the camp she had caught the attention of a record label and signed her first recording contract with SCP records.  Kasey released her first acoustic EP later that year and sang on a Christmas album as well.


At age 14 Kasey opened for the Matt Poss band at Danville stadium in Danville, IL.   She also became an endorsing artist for Indiana guitars. About a year later at 15, she did an hour long concert at the Phases of the Moon music festival.  By this time Kasey was out and about performing anywhere and everywhere she could, including Nashville’s Bluebird cafe. Some of her highlights performances include performing at the world famous House of Blues in Chicago Illinois and opening up for the legendary Rock n Roll artist Henry Lee Summer. Kasey has also performed at the Indiana State Fair, and the Chicago Blues Fest


Kasey was enjoying her success, however, she knew that she needed to partner with someone in Nashville if she ever wanted to achieve her dreams as a country music artist.  Kasey found that perfect partner when she was introduced to Dennis Money of Sweetsong Nashville. Kasey and Dennis have since recorded her debut EP, Tell Someone.


Kasey is currently finishing up her last semester at Trevecca Nazarene University in the heart of Nashville. Kasey is always doing shows both in Nashville, TN and back in her home state of Indiana. Right now Kasey is studying under well known Nashville songwriter Kim McLean, and working on a new recording project.

From Me to You

     Hi, I’m Kasey! I’m twenty years old, I go to school at Trevecca Nazarene University and I’m majoring in Songwriting! I love watermelon, the color blue, and cats. I’m the youngest of my family, whom I love so much, with two older brothers and a sister. I grew up in a small town in Indiana where everyone knows everyone and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the memories and time spent there. Some small things that bring me joy include dancing, rainstorms, cookie dough, sunshine, and late night grocery trips! Summer is my favorite season, with autumn as a close second. Besides music, I enjoy spending time with friends, card games, volleyball, basketball, dressing up (yes I still play dress up, no I’m not ashamed), and experiencing and trying new things!


     I make music for many reasons. I make music because I can’t imagine life without it. I love being able to share and express feelings and thoughts through the crazy, sporadic, yet intricate process that is songwriting. I make music because I have experienced first hand the type of impact and healing it can have on a person. Music has an incredible power to be able to change a mood in an instant. Music helps us remember some of our favorite memories. It can make us happy. It can lift us up when we’re down. It can inspire us. That’s why I love making music and why I love sharing it with you.


     Among the most important reasons why I make music is because I believe with all my heart it is what God has created me to do. Ever since I was little I’ve had this overwhelming clear call to music and as I’ve grown older it has become more clear to me exactly what I’m supposed to do with it. My goal is to only put out good music, and to never be an artist that a mom would have to switch the radio station on. I want to use the platform that music gives artist’s to be a role model and a friend to anyone out there who believes that they’re alone in their struggles and fears.


     In my musical journey I have learned that having people who believe in you means everything, so the last thing I want say is thank you! Thank you to anyone who has ever made it out to any of my shows. Thank you to any person who has ever purchased or taken time out of their day to listen to my music. Thank you to the supporters who have liked my facebook page, subscribed on youtube, and/or followed me on instagram, twitter, or spotify. I can never express my gratitude enough, for it is you guys who help me accomplish my goals and live out my dream, so from the bottom of my heart,                                                 THANK YOU!

-Kasey Burton


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